YoonJu Cho
Art Director / Experience Designer

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'Woolworth' C.I.

*Winner and Published, GRAPHIS New Talent *Exhibition, Art Director's Club

I redesigned a whole corporate identity system for the Woolworth Company. Woolworth was the first retail store in America, so it has an important historical meaning. However, it went out of business because the company could not follow current trends. When I designed the logo I kept these two things in mind. I wanted to retain some part of the original Woolworth logo yet place it in a modern context. Therefore I designed the new version of the logo in the same format as the original logo (a W in a diamond shape). The new logo has two symbols: a W and an arrow. Due to the arrow concept, the client can easily and attractively apply lettering to the logo for other things such as signage, hangtags, advertising, etc. For the color palette of the logo, I used strong and simple color combinations to allow people to easily remember and distinguish it from other companies’ logos.

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