YoonJu Cho
Art Director / Experience Designer

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Exhibition Design - The Loco Motion Family (Kinetic Energy)

*Exhibition, New York Hall of Science
*Collaboration with Garrad Bradley, Keng-Fu Chu, Michael Martinez-Campos

‘The Loco Motion Family ‘ is an exhibition piece at the New York Hall of Science about Kinetic Engery with main goals being to educate children about it. We wanted kids to learn through play, and to think about how energy and power are created, specifically thinking from the source of energy creation and not just the mediums through which we access energy. We thought that by focusing on physcal, fun movement, we could engage the kids in the topic and get them thinking about how they can be a source of energy for their homes and get them imagining how kinetic energy can be used in other ways on larger scales to power neighborhoods and communities. And we did this by creating interesting story and characters of ‘the Loco Motion family’ and ‘ Neighbors’ in Kineticut. We created an energy neighborhood called “Kineticut” in order to introduce kids to the concept of Kinetic Energy. Our intention in creating the houses in Kineticut was to attract children’s attention with visuals that would spark their curiosity so that they would be interested in the principles we were trying to relay. We wanted fun inputs and simple, yet interesting outputs so that children would be engaged. Each level of each house contained lights of different colors that were activated by inputs ---which were physical movements---from the kids. How did we make the kids’ inputs as crazy and fun as possible? …..For this we create ‘The Loco Motions (Carrot Bop, Dotty Rose, MadDog Purple Rain) ‘, a wild and crazy family of movers and shakers who love light! They were accompanied by their less than happy neighbors(Surly Shirley with her Aqua CatFish), who had issues with all the commotion they made at home. Each character has it’s own characteristic and movement to create power.

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