YoonJu Cho
Art Director / Experience Designer

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Museum Design - '67°, Weather Museum'

Weather is a significant natural phenomenon that is closely linked to human lives and affects our activities in multiple ways. Our lives will be enriched by studying it. At this point, The ‘67°, Weather Museum’ functions as a place to educate visitors about weather through fun, engaging and interactive media and cultivate future meteorologist in everyone interested. The name, 67° stands for the best temperature for the human to perform and the museum always keep temperature of environment about 67°F.
Goals 1.to function as an educational space to introduce the visitors to the principles of weather using engaging and interactive media 2.To encourage children to have interest in weather 3.To create a fantasy space for children to develop great memories through playful and stimulating environment 4.To introduce strategies and tools for reflection on humanity’s relationship to the weather that will inspire visitors to take action 5. To create a new model for educational and entertaining space. The museum represents an innovative model of a space used for education and entertainment. By incorporating a large degree of visitor participation via fun and engaging activities that deliver essential information about weather, the museum can stimulate interests in both children and adults and leave an indelible memory of their experience. The weather-creating exhibit is an iconic illustration of the core ideas that shape this interactive museum. In this, you are able to create weather while playing with different elements via fun and highly-technological interactive media. The result is a weather phenomenon you created that you can see, feel, hear and smell.

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