YoonJu Cho
Art Director / Experience Designer

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'Futura' Installation and Book

*Published, Design Magazine 'Jungle'
*Exhibition, NY Studio Gallery

I created an installation piece about the typeface ‘Futura,’ with the main goal being to educate people about its characteristics. The main characteristic of Futura is that it is based on geometrical shapes. I used a grid as the main element in the design to accentuate this fact. The installation piece that I made was mounted on a wall in the school cafeteria, and people could take postcards out of the piece to obtain more information about Futura. The postcard has information about Futura on the backside and the box holding the postcards is designed with the grid. In the end, I designed a book about the process of developing an installation ‘Futura’ from research to completion. The book cover design is in the same format as the installation piece.

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