YoonJu Cho
Art Director / Experience Designer

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Interactive Book 'Magic Book'

*Exhibition, NewYork University *Exhibition, NY Studio Gallery

Magic Book is an interactive book that targets urbanites who are under the constant stress of a busy work life and do not have the opportunities to go out and enjoy the nature. The beautiful poem accompanied by calming images and peaceful music sound is designed to lead the readers through beautiful nature scenes, allowing them to relax in an interesting way. I used both analogue and digital elements so that people of all generations who grew up with either of these modalities can enjoy the book. In today's digital world, I also wanted to remind the audience of the beautiful and precise nature of analogue materials, particularly the younger generations that have become so accustomed to the high-tech digital surroundings.
How it works? When the reader turns each page, hidden magical images and poem appear. This was made possible by a photocell sensor in each page that responds to light. Each page has its own specific sensor that is linked to specific images. Therefore, the reader will be able to turn to any page and view images that correspond to the poem on that page.

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