YoonJu Cho
Art Director / Experience Designer

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Interactive Mirror 'MirrorFly'

*Exhibition, NewYork University *Collaboration with Tianwei Liu, Baowen Huang

MirroFly is spatial media project intended to improve bathroom environment.
How it works? Magical mirror does almost the same as an ordinary mirror within a beautiful frame. Interaction started when someone approaches toward the mirror. Realtime animation responding to users gestures, behaviors captured by the camera. The animation and bright greeting messages accompanied by peaceful nature sounds will be applied to the face of whoevers right in front of the mirror. When you go too colse to the mirror, butterflies will fly away not to be caught. *I am still developing possible interaction scenarios: 1.When someone approached to the mirror, lighting behind the mirror will be turn on. 2.The animation will be changed when someone turn on and off the tab of the fountain.

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